North & South Carolina Border Dispute Resolved Again

Are the Carolinas Moving?

Although we may have thought the border between South Carolina and North Carolina was firmly established when the Province of Carolina was divided in 1729, the truth is that the line thought of as the border between the two new colonies contained numerous and substantial errors in its measurements.  These discrepancies in the border have now been resolved through cooperation of the two states by a comprehensive re-survey of the North Carolina/South Carolina boundary line. 

Can I Get Around the Upset Bid Process?

That Upset Bid Process is Such a Hassle . . . How Can I Get Around It?

I had an interesting question about my last blog regarding the upset bid process, which requires a 10-day period following each new bid during which the bid can be raised.  A reader asked if there was a way to get around it.  In other words, can you ever be guaranteed to be the successful purchaser on the day of the foreclosure sale?  In North Carolina, unlike many other jurisdictions, the answer is No.  At least, not legally.