At Hutchens Law Firm, we’re proud to put everything on the line as well to defend and serve military members with the same HIGH PERFORMANCE LAW™ standards of dedication, discipline, and skilled training.

Some of our attorneys and staff members are veterans or guard members themselves. We draw upon our arsenal of legal resources and experience to defend your honor and your career.

While the UCMJ shares many similarities to civilian law, such as the right to counsel and Constitutional protections, it does have its own more stringent codes of conduct; and like the rules and regulations of the UCMJ, the court-martial trial process shares similarities to a civilian trial, but also has its own unique and particular procedures.But one important right you retain – even in the military setting – is the right to retain an attorney of your choosing to represent and defend your interests.

That is exactly what we do at Hutchens Law Firm. We can cut through the complexities of the military system to examine the allegations against you, plan a defensive action, and fight for you the whole way through.

No matter in which branch of the military you serve, when you’re facing a fight that endangers your career, you won’t face the battle alone with Hutchens Law Firm by your side.

Our military lawyer can help those in the U.S. Armed Services here at Fort Bragg and anywhere throughout the country or even stationed across the globe.