The City of Fayetteville’s New Sign Ordinance Has Established New Standards for Your Signs

As every real estate agent knows, preparing for an open house can be stressful.  There are flyers to be made, advertising to be done, balloons to inflate, and, if you really want to make an impression, a tray of fresh baked cookies to be made!  Although each task is essential, the placement of open house and directional signage may be one of the most important for a successful open house.  Let’s face it, without proper signage and placement potential buyers may not find the property, turning an open house into an epic failure!

However, before you just stick that open house or directional sign right next to the biggest intersection you can find, wait!  Effective immediately, as of August 22, 2016, the Fayetteville City Council revised the City Sign Code establishing new standards on where and when your real estate signs can be displayed, and even how your signs may look. 

Having an open house scheduled soon?  Don’t panic here is what you need to know! 

When signs may be displayed

Open house signs and banners may be displayed between Friday and Sunday when the open house is conducted sometime during those days. 

City-approved generic directional signs may be displayed while the property is for sale and/or lease, but must be removed within seven days after the sale has closed or the property has been leased.  (For a peek at the proposed City-approved sign click here

How many signs may be displayed

No more than three freestanding open house signs or banners are allowed off the specified property. 

Additionally, not more than one open house nor directional sign shall be displayed per street front.   

Where signs may be displayed?

Open house signs and banners must not be placed on public property nor in the public right-of-way.  Such signs and banners shall be placed on private property only after acquiring prior consent from the property owner. 

City-approved generic directional signs may be displayed in the right-of-way at or near the corner of the nearest through street.  But remember, only one directional sign is allowed per intersection.  

Sign Design? 

Open house signs may be four square feet in area and stand four feet high.  Open house banners are restricted to twelve square feet in area and seven feet in height. 

City-approved generic directional signs may not exceed two square feet in area and 30 inches in height.

Signs may contain information identifying the owner or real estate agent for the property and whether the property is either for sale or rent.

Additionally, Open house signs, but NOT banners, may have up to four inflatable balloons affixed, however, no pennants, streamers, ribbons, spinners, propellers, discs, flags, nor bunting is permitted. 


View the entire revised City Sign Code in Chapter 30-5.L of Fayetteville’s Unified Development Ordinance

Published by Cynthia Pela on December 1, 2016