Hutchens Law Firm

The Hutchens Law Firm Experience

At Hutchens Law Firm, we will make your cause our own and fight fiercely for the best outcome possible. It’s the way we have practiced law for over 35 years in courts in North Carolina, South Carolina, and across the United States. We’re known for our experience in all aspects of Business Law, handling contracts and negotiations of all kinds, as well as representing clients in lawsuits with formidable experience in litigation. At Hutchens Law Firm, we also practice in areas such as default servicing, litigation, real estate, workers’ compensation, and more. We have successfully represented thousands of clients over the years, and are ready to put our high performance methods to work for you.

High Performance Law

We call what we do High Performance Law. Everything we do for our clients is done with professionalism and integrity. We pride ourselves on hard work, leaving no stone unturned that may benefit our clients. Our attorneys bring the full weight of our court-tested skills and experience, our knowledge of the law and a persistent tenacity to bear on every case we accept -- for every client we serve. Over the years, this high performance philosophy has resulted in an impressive track record of success. But we don’t rest on laurels. The attorneys at Hutchens Law Firm are committed to constantly honing their skills through Continuing Legal Education and Bar specialties.   

Practicing Law With Integrity

It is the only way we will do business. We’ve worked hard for decades to earn a pristine reputation among our clients, our legal peers, judges, friends and communities. High ethical standards are an integral part of our high performance metrics, and while we are excellent negotiators – this is an area where there can be no negotiation. Rock-solid integrity is one of the primary reasons why our industry has honored Hutchens Law Firm with a long list of awards and accolades, including Best Lawyers, an AV rating from Martindale-Hubbell (their highest possible rating), Superlawyers, 40 Under 40, the  USFN Diamond Award, and many others. Our ethics are our bond, and always will be.