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I recently handled a closing that serves as an example of how important it is to have an attorney involved early in the real estate closing process. 
North Carolina General Statutes and N.C. case law provide for a special form of real property ownership for a husband and wife called "tenants by the entirety." 
The sale of estate property could have devastating results for Realtors and their clients if documents are not properly executed. Many times I will get a contract that deals with an estate signed by "Jane Doe as executrix of the estate of John Doe." 
Converting a room to an additional bedroom may cause you pain  In today’s economy it is especially important for a selling homeowner to squeeze as much value out of their property as possible. 
What happens when you don’t pay your property taxes and then sell your home? When I checked my mail a couple of weeks ago, I was met with an unwanted surprise…my property tax bills. 
You are interested in buying property that your agent says is an “REO.”  What does that mean? 
I have heard more real estate agents use this phrase than I can remember when referring to whether a house will get a termite infestation.  North Carolina is a beautiful state from the coast to the mountains.  She has rivers and streams, rolling hills, pine trees, and termites.  Our state has an abundance of termite’s two favorite things, wood and water. 
With the real estate market fluctuating as it has been the past several years, there is a lot of inventory for sale.  Some sounds like a bargain, but is it really? 
Thinking about buying a home? Have you completed all the necessary checks? House Inspection… CHECK Termite inspection…CHECK Ghostbusters… wait, what? 'Tis the season of ghostly and gory movies and TV shows. Whenever I see a movie or TV show depict hauntings or grisly murders in a house, I often wonder… “if I was buying that house, would the seller have to tell me about the lingering spirits? Could I be stuck with a real life Haunted House?”
Buying a house, selling a house... all in the same, tomorrow or maybe next week…. I have had four closings in the past two weeks that did not happen as scheduled. Two of them were delayed because the buyers’ loans are still in underwriting (this is the process the mortgage company goes through to determine if the borrower is a healthy risk for them), and the other two were delayed because the buyers have to sell their current house before they can buy the new one. The Domino Effect