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Tips, tricks and insights when you sell your home Sell out with me. "You used to stand for something, but you’ve sold out, man." Everyone’s heard the phrase about their favorite garage band when mainstream access yields excess levels of popularity. In classic days where tape decks came standard in every car, families bought a home for life, and had little or no plan to sell it. However, in today’s economy where iTunes and Spotify reign supreme, moving is commonplace. 
I always recommend a buyer of real property spend the money to purchase an owner’s title insurance policy.  If a buyer is getting a loan to purchase the property ninety-nine percent of the time the lender is going to require a lenders title policy and the buyer can obtain an owner’s policy with little or no additional cost. Further, the buyer only pays an owner’s premium once and it covers them and their heirs as long as they own the property.  If an owner refinances they have to purchase a new policy for their lender but their policy continues without reissue. 
You've heard the saying, ‘the only two constants in life are death and taxes’. As we've seen in the local news, North Carolina insurance companies seek to add escalating homeowners' insurance rates to this list. Citing the estimated replacement costs for homes subject to future weather events and disasters is the justification the insurance companies use for the rate hike. The North Carolina Insurance Commission prudently denied the insurance companies’ request; however, the insurance companies won't take ‘no’ for an answer.