Real Estate Lawsuits

It’s said that “good fences make good neighbors.” Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case and sometimes even the fence can be a point of contention. Real estate litigation can stem from any number of scenarios such as, property owner disputes or lender/borrower complications. Whatever the scenario, Hutchens Law Firm is versed in the critical foundations of litigation and the underlying complexities of real estate law. We approach every matter with a cost-conscious eye to finding the most efficient path for successfully protecting your interests. Hutchens Law Firm has successfully represented clients in all manners of real estate litigation, including:

  • Claims from business owned property
  • Boundary disputes
  • Zoning
  • Inherited property – coheir disputes
  • Buyers/sellers of property
  • Developers and builders
  • HOAs, POAs and COAs
  • Problems with renters
  • Claims for injuries on your property
  • Breach of contracts to seller in purchase of personal and business owned property

Whether you feel your interests are threatened and want to file a suit, or need to defend yourself against a claim filed against you, we can examine, protect and litigate your interests in any real estate matter.