Beyond the emotional turmoil, divorce can result in a severe financial upheaval for someone who relied on the income of their spouse during the marriage. It can feel like the rug has been pulled out from under you, as you face an uncertain financial future. Rest assured, our attorneys will fight to help ensure you receive all the support you are entitled to.

To be entitled to alimony, you must be a "dependent spouse," meaning you made substantially less income than your spouse during the marriage. There are some marital fault grounds that could prevent a dependent spouse from receiving alimony.

If you are entitled to alimony, it will be based on your reasonable needs and expenses as well as the standard of living during the marriage. There are no guidelines like those that are used in child support cases. The amount and duration of an alimony award are discretionary with the court. Alimony terminates if you remarry or live with your significant other.

Our practiced attorneys will thoroughly examine all personal and financial details to build the strongest case possible and defend against issues that may arise to help ensure you receive all you are entitled to.